The itinerary

erdfgThis is the map of the schools I had in my living room last year, it’s not up to date though!


This trip requires a lot of organisation: I have already contacted the schools I would like to visit. However, after many hours trying to plan everything (sending hundreds of emails in various languages, creating too many unfinished Excel tabs, trying to plan my hitchhiking schedule and then receiving emails to cancel my visit, having to do it all over again, changing the drawing pins on my map again and again, organising Skype meetings with foreign school headmasters but getting confused with the time lag…), I finally gave up on having a pre-established itinerary and schedule.

I would like my trip to be as spontaneous as possible (less air travel, more hitchhiking) and I certainly do not want to organise my trip as a travel agency would.

Nevertheless, I do have some plans that are kind of organised:

  • England and Ireland: October-December 2018

  • Spain: January 2019

  • Eastern Europe: February-March 2019

  • United States and Canada: April-May 2019

  • South America: Summer 2019

  • India: Winter 2019

When nothing is planned, everything is possible.”